Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team

About Amy

Amy graduated from DePaul University in 2013 with a Bachelor’s degree in International Business. She has traveled the world as a Professional Skydiver and a recreational pilates client. Now, she has taken pilates up as her career through Balanced Body University and truly enjoys helping clients achieve their goals and teaching them about the principles behind Pilates. She now trains herself with Pilates for skydiving competitions as well as trains her skydiving students using Pilates!

“I have always been the kind of person to welcome a challenge, make the best out of each and every day, and believe in forms of movement that enhance activity in spirit through a mind body connection. What I do in skydiving is a bit different, yet it follows these same guidelines to help me strengthen myself from the inside, out.”

About Leah K

Leah is a veteran at Grove Pilates Studio. She has been teaching and practicing for over 7 years now. She has always had a passion for health and fitness and truly believes pilates should be a part of a happy and healthy lifestyle! Not only does she love pilates, but it has also helped her cross train for her other loves; like snowboarding and trail running. Leah is vibrant and energetic. She deeply cares for all her clients and their journey to a healthier mind-body connection.

When she’s not busy being active you can find her enjoying good music and getting lost in an art project!

About Fiona

Fiona has been teaching Pilates since 2005. She grew up in Scotland and came to the United States in 1981 as a postgraduate student. After receiving her master’s degree she worked as a journalist until her early 50s, when she made a one-eighty career change and became a fitness trainer and Pilates instructor. She ran a fully-equipped home-based studio in Encinitas and taught mat Pilates classes at various gyms on the coast until moving to Fallbrook in 2014.

“I started out teaching weight training and I still appreciate and enjoy the power and strength that comes from pumping iron. But the cerebral aspect of Pilates – the mind-body connection – inspires me more than anything. I love imparting that to my students. And I love helping older clients become stronger with deep core training that puts minimal stress on aging joints ”

As well as her certifications in Pilates mat and apparatus, Fiona holds certifications in BOSU Integrated Balance Training, Equestrian PilatesTM Mat, and Aerial Pilates. She is also an ACE-certified personal trainer.

About Sarah

Sarah was born and raised in Oceanside, California. After graduating high school Sarah became a full time traveler for years and spent time in over 23 different countries! Traveling was her first passion until she discovered pilates. She instantly fell in love with the mindful movement of it all and 2 years later she is a certified mat and reformer pilates instructor. She loves sharing her passion for fitness and wellness and is currently in the process of becoming a certified yoga instructor!

About Alison

Alison is proactive in preventive wellness and is fascinated with mind-body connection.  Using movement as therapy to help her clients achieve optimal health emotionally, cognitively, physically and socially. As a health advocate, she is passionate about helping her clients have the most empowering and healthy experience in their own unique bodies. Her goal is to excite the community about movement, and wants to turn every class into an opportunity to show what each body, healing or not, is truly capable of becoming. “Don’t sweat it, unless you’re taking Pilates!”

Alison loves exploring nature with ker kiddos, new experiences, new places & meeting new people. Plus her new found love of mixing cocktails! Alison says it’s how she continues to learn and grow.

About Samantha

Samantha has been practicing pilates since 2015. She is excited to bring her knowledge of gymnastics and ballet to her classes.  Her biggest pleasure in teaching is seeing people’s progress and the difference it makes in their lives. Her goal is to create a fun, music driven atmosphere where clients can find their inner athlete and give them noticeable results. Samantha has been teaching at our studio for almost 2 years and has grown tremendously in her pilates journey. You can find her on our weekend schedule in her sculpt and barre classes that are guaranteed to give you a workout and a smile on your face.